/* __ _ _ _ __ / / __| | ___ __ __ _ _ _ __ (_)| |_ _ _ \ \ | | / _` | / _ \\ \ / /| | | || '_ \ | || __|| | | | | | < < | (_| || __/ \ V / | |_| || | | || || |_ | |_| | > > | | \__,_| \___| \_/ \__,_||_| |_||_| \__| \__, | | | \_\ |___/ /_/ Welcome to devunity. Create real-time coding sessions with top developer community or your fellow teammates. * Get help from the community from who is currently available in chat. * Interview prospect engineers in real-time or watch a char-by-char recording! * Go pro and get on-demand help from a dedicated developer or inside your team. * Help others in the community by installing the chrome extension. To get started and get help paste your code in here and hit the 'Create my code session' button. * State where you need help by adding comments around it. * You can change syntax highlighting to fit your needs. */ //Code goes here.

Want to try our new atom.io editor plugin?

We just released our brand new atom.io editor plugin that lets you collaborate in real time inside your atom editor!

It lets you braodcast your code in real-time on devunity.com, read only or free to collaborate live!

All you need todo is head over to atom.io editor, search for our package and install it!

Check out the plugin!

Why this is so awesome?


Stuck at work on a certain bug and cant wait for stackoverflow to respond? or maybe you just need someone to guide you with some personal 1on1 help?

Using devunity platform to communicate with developers around the world and get help by crowdsourcing your code review and bug solving using our community


Record any of your coding sessions and watch it later on.

Character by character recording, watch every letter and backspace.

Feel like you are writing the code or shadowing someone.


Use this as a tool for remote code sessions with future developer prospect.

Put your exercise in, create a code session and send to a developer.

Watch as he code in real-time and ask questions in a dedicated chat.


Get your persoanl statistics on each coding session.

Like a mini dashboard per coding session that helps you asses how good you or someone else did.

See how many lines were written, backspace actions, copy pastes, time spent and focus on code was made.

Dedicated or enterprise

Need a dedicated developer or communicate within your team.

Use Devunity to grab a pro developer via subscription to shadow your work during the day and get constant on-demand help whenever you need it.

Go enterprise and use devunity to post code and communicate internally within your team or company.

Your dream

Need a feature that doesnt exist?

Ping us directly at [email protected] and we'll happy to hear and add.

Are you looking for help now?

This community works based on good will and kindness of developers. If your looking to get help post on this page your code and wait for reply.

You can track your replies and communication by installing the chrome extension and being a part of the community aswell.

Every chrome extension user gets replies and code request help too.

Want to contribute to the community?

Some people are great. you are simply awesome!

Give back to the community by installing the devunity chrome extension, this extension allows you to get push notifications of code help tickets around the experience you can provide.

Need dedicate help?

Do you need someone right here right now without having to trust good will?

Maybe you dont wnat to expose any of your code to the public to get help?

Upgrade to pro account and hire a dedicated developer to shadow you and provide assistence whenever you need.

Communicate internally inside your team or company and get help from people you trust.

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